Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why am I here?

My God is so much bigger than cancer. That's why I'm here! I need a safe place to tell anyone who cares to listen that regardless of diagnosis, prognosis - God is bigger!! One day at a time I fight this uninvited intruder and by God's grace I will continue to get through whatever comes my way. I'm on a journey that's already been decided. I win no matter what the outcome is.

Guess that's my intro. I'm on the final day of withdrawal from 100 mg. prednisone so,for those who have not done the prednisone thing, I'm a bit emotional. Itis, none the less, a glorious day - the sun is trying so hard to peek out from the clouds. I'm all for that. The sun is such a healing thing. Warm and filled with love. So today, with all my inappropriate emotion, I'm going to thank God for the peeking sun. It reassures me how very much I'm loved. --How much we are all loved. Amazing isn't it. Regardless of who we are or what we've done, we're completely and totally loved. WOW!! I am so thankful for that realization. It's exactly what I needed at this moment.

No other thoughts are really lingering right now so I'll go and settle into my schedule for the day. It's gonna be a great day!