Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How do You continue to love us!

How, in all your majesty and perfection, do You continue to love this human race that annihilates itself, uses little children as props to achieve mass suicide, turns from you and tries, continually, to prove we are bigger, better, smarter, than our Creator.

Just wondering Lord. You got me through yesterday and I know you'll get me through today. You are so faithful and I am so extremely unworthy. Yet you continue to bless - the good and evil alike. And rain,too, falls on the good and evil alike.

Help us all to see You more clearly. Your ways!! They are perfect. Help us to get it. That's what I pray for today, Lord. To see You more clearly, worship you in a truer and complete way. I want to know You.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today is today

Not yesterday, not tomorrow. It's so difficult for me to remain in the present. My mind constantly flutters here and there with no destination. I have the dreaded "chemo" ths coming Tuesday. I want so much to just enjoy today, it's unusually warm for winter months here, sunshine is, I believe, also in the forecast, and I certainly should be on the verge of having a wonderful day. But this mind of mine will not sit still. It keeps going to Tuesday and what could happen. Help me,. Lord to focus on the blessing of today and to have the faith that Tuesday is in your capable hands. You will not fail me and regardless of the outcome in my judgement, all is good! You have made it that way. It all falls into place - what I see as disaster turns into total blessing in your hands.

Thank you for that knowledge - now with your grace, and in your mercy, allow me to abide in it. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Today - it's a gift from you. "The world is spinning in its place because You made it to. I lift my voice in songs of praise, on this good day.!"